At Capital Glance Finance , we understand that a flexible and dependable financing partner is a key component to a successful real estate investment strategy. By delivering a flexible array of lending solutions in a quick, efficient and client-focused process, we are committed to becoming your partner and growing your business to its full potential. Our team of seasoned professionals will ensure that your needs are met, so that you can focus on finding that next project or property.


We understand the real estate investor.

Our focus is long-term customer relationships
Our goal is to increase your profits and return on equity
We can help you partner with the right people.

Professionals that have equity capital to fund your deals
Professionals that have properties if you have equity
Institutional capital always available to meet demand.

We lend our own funds
We are not a broker
For select customers, we lend at auctions
Client-focused process designed around the needs of real estate investors.

Quick loan approvals and closings
Transparent and “common sense” underwriting
Renovation funds are advanced in draws
We don’t charge a prepayment penalty